Staff disappears when I delete measure

• Jan 8, 2020 - 08:54

Occasionally, when I select a measure and press "Delete," the entire staff disappears.

If this is the third measure on a four measure line, the staff for #3 is gone??
The remaining measures, #1,#2 and #4 all remain.

This problem is sporadic....I can't determine when it will happen and when not.


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I am not being clear:

Piano grand staff, four measures long.
I select measure two in bass clef and press "delete"
Normally, the notes would be gone, replaced by a whole note rest.
I would then enter notes normally.

But occasionally, the horizontal lines in bass cleff, measure two, disappear completely.
The treble clef still displays correctly.
The bass clef now only has measures 1, 3 and 4 shown.
It is impossible to notate on measure 2 because it is missing.

The problem is sporadic....can't figure out why it happens.

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When this happens, please try saving the score under a temporary name ("Save As..."), close and relaunch MuseScore, and open this temporary score. Does it still show the measure as missing?

If it does, please report that as a bug, and attach the temporary score.

If the temporary score works okay after restarting MuseScore, then the issue probably is just an issue with drawing the score to the screen, in which case you might be able to work around this next time by forcing a redraw of the screen, e.g. changing your view/zoom, or moving to a different area in the score and returning, etc. This could still be a bug however, so please try to capture what happens as best as you can (screen shots, or video/screencast if possible), and then please report that bug, attaching the captured visual material.

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