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• Jan 15, 2020 - 03:10

I applied specific staff spacing and stuff to my first page but it doesn't keep it in the second page. Is there a way to make it consistent so it doesn't look really weird?


It's not really clear what you mean, but my guess is you added a staff spacer? That affects only the current system. If the goal is to, say, add more space between woodwinds and brass in a score, instead use "Extra distance above staff" in Staff Properties.

If that doesn't solve your problem, please attach your score and explain in more detail.

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Indeed, attaching the actual score would be needed. There seems to be way more space than needed on that first page, but I can't tell if it's because you added a bunch of spacers or are mis-placing scores symbols in ways that are forcing MsueScore to add more space to avoid collisions.

BTW, if you want the staves more widely spaced by default across the baord - all staves, all systems - easiest is simply to increase the staff distance in Format / Style / Page.

I think in page 3 after measure 32 you have the "spacement" you have choose for this work.
At the beginning it was the same for the page 2, but MuseScore try to don't have "collission" and if it's the case , M S makes the spacement more important.
For exemple your MOLTO RIT for Flute 2 and followers instruments is very high so MS put the flute 2 'stave lower, idem for followers. Try to delete Molto Rit to see.
PS. Why do you write Molto Rit or A tempo on each stave (with stave text) useally we use system Text and these texts appear only above (up) the 1st stave on the score, but will be present on each stave on individual parts

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