Inserting break after selected bar non-intuitive?

• Jan 15, 2020 - 04:23

I find it very confusing that (system/page/section) breaks are inserted after the selected bar and not before, when
a) all barlines (excl Start Repeat) are inserted before the selected bar.
b) page breaks etc in a word processor insert before the cursor.

What do you think? Anyone with access to DFS (Dorico Finale Sibelius) who can check if it adds breaks before or after the selected bar or note?


MuseScore doesn't have a cursor per se, so it's not really a good comparison. But in a word processor, a cursor exists between two characters, and that's where the break gets added, so .

And barlines are added to the end of the bar, not sure what you mean? That is, select a bar, double-click barline in palette, or drag barline from palette to bar - barline is added to end of bar.

So to me all seems consistent and as expected.

A particular workflow that is relevant here is pressing Enter after completing entry of a measure, while still in note input mode. At the moment you press Enter, the last note of the measure you selected is selected, and the note input cursor is on the first beat of the next measure. Since the measure break command works on the current selection, it's important that it apply the break to the measure containing the selected note. Which is to say, the current model works exactly as expected, and changing it would seem most surprising - hitting Enter after inputting all the notes for a measure would move the completed measure to the next line, which is not how a word processor would do it at all.

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