Two voice behavior

• Jan 16, 2020 - 14:04

Experiencing a strange behavior when using two voices and changing the note stems to point in the direction I want (see example file).

When I make the voice that has multiple notes voice #1, then have voice #2 with a whole note the note's stem goes to the wrong note. It seems that the voice #1 note appears first and the voice #2 note appears second but the note stems don't follow all the time.

Not a biggie but thought you would like to know about this.


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I've made the whole notes in the bass clef voice #1 and the eight notes voice #2 throughout the score.
In the first measure a quarter rest was added by the program or some reason not apparrent to me. In measure 17 bass clef the order of the notes is reversed. In the rest of the score voice #1 notes appear first and voice #2 is second.

Hope this helps

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Even though a whole note has no physical stem, we still honor its "logical" stem direction in various calculations, including this one. Most of your whole notes are set to "Auto" as per the Inspectoir, but you can see this one is explicitly set to Down. Press Ctrl+R or use the Inspector to reset it to "Auto" and it will behave as in the other measures.

Regarding the rest in bar 1, apparently you either dragged it or moved it with the cursor keys inadvertently, but just click it and press Ctrl+R to reset its position.

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I've played with measure 17 in inspector but it doesn't do what I want. I want the eigth notes and tied note stems to point up. If I set the stems of them as "up" and the whole note as "down" in inspector, nothing happens. CTRL-R does nothing also. If I hit the P' button next to the voice numbers on the menu bar on the top part of the screen, the stems point up but the stem of the first eight note moves over to the whole note which is set to auto in inspector. If I set the whole note stem to down in inspector the fist eight note and the whole note switch positions. (i.e. eight note first, whole note second).

Is this normal? I would like the measures to have the whole note appear first and the eight notes after it with their stems to pointing up. I can't seem to achieve this.

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