Copying swing marks

• Jan 17, 2020 - 02:26


I have a 5/4 groove. The ride must be swung on beats 3 and 5 (tss tss tss ts-tss tss ts-). However, there are other eighth notes and syncopations in the bar that are not swung (the snare drum is off beat, between the 2 and 3 beats).

Here's what it should look like:

Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 6.21.34 PM.png

Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be a way to do this. The work around is to use a swing mark to set the swing to "off" on the snare drum, then make the other swing markings invisible. This would look like this:

Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 6.23.13 PM.png

Now I need to copy that bar with the invisible swings that turn on and off swing at the right moment. Unfortunately, it's impossible to do this easily with MuseScore. Selecting the measure and pasting does not paste the swing markers. Selecting both swing markers and pasting does nothing either. I must individually select each swing marker and paste on the right note. As you can imagine this is incredibly inconvenient when the entire song uses this basic rhythm.

There must then be a method by which to:

  1. Apply swing to only certain beats (3 and 5 in this example), or

  2. Copy and paste swing markers with the measure.




What you're trying to do - rapidly switch back and forth between swing and straight over and over - is very unusal, which is why there is no obvious built-in way to do this easily. But there are non-obvious ways :-). The direct way to do this would be to add the swing text as staff text - not using the Swing element on the palette, just ordinary staff text, and setting its Staff Text Properties manually. This will affect only this staff - which is probably what you want anyhow - and it will copy (Swing text doesn't normally because it is system text).

But I don't know that I'd be using swing texts for this at all. I'd probably write triplets, or maybe use the Piano Roll Editor (right-click the measure to access it) or the Articulation and Ornament Control plugin to tweak the playback of the eighths I wanted to swing.

Interesting... seems like you're trying to a lo-fi "drunk" groove or something, which I don't think has a standardized notation defined yet, and so a notation playback wouldn't know how to handle that. I would guess you want the sheet music to be simple in order to give to a drummer, but the playback to be accurate in order to create demo audio. Honestly I think that a manual process is the only way, other than writing the sheet music in a notation tool but producing the demo in a DAW.

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