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• Jan 24, 2020 - 04:40

Hi All. Upon reviewing the conductor score for a Big Band chart I noticed measures where the notes don't start until much of the way in the measure (measure 44) for a sax soli (see .png file). I recreated the notes by hand in empty measures just after the measure in question and copied them into the latter, but getting the same displacement. I tried adjusting measure size (shift - brace) but no luck in them correcting. Any ideas on fixing this? musescore file also attached. Thank you.

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It's caused by the element in the Drums staff having a manual X offset of -8.82sp.

If you really need that negative manual offset, turn off automatic placement for that element and the problem should go away.

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Thanks so much. I turned off automatic placement but the displacement remained so set all offsets to zero but problem still remained. However, I made these changes on the Drum part, but I see not ALL features that are changed in a part are transferred to the conductor's score. I turned off all offsets in the conductor score and that did solve the problem. It appears the automatic placement transferred to the conductor's score but not the offsets.

My effort to make a 2 measure repeat in the Drum part was to move single measure repeats on adjacent measures together over the bar line between them, and put a staff text '2' above to indicate a repeated 2 - measure cycle. Do you know if there is a better way to do this in MS 3.x?

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> I turned off automatic placement but the displacement remained so set all offsets to zero but problem still remained.

I was suggesting that you turn off automatic placement just for that specific element in that specific measure in the Drum staff. Turning it off globally is way overkill and almost certainly a bad idea.

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The way to add the two measure repeat is to add the appropriate symbol from the Symbols palette. As of recent releases (starting in 3.3 I think) you can attach the symbol directly to barline, so no need to disable autoplace when positioning it.

Ooops, I see I'm basically saying the same as jeetee above...

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Also, the changes I made in the full score did not transfer to the individual Drum part. I had Saved, then closed the program and reopened it to see if that would help but the changes did not transfer. Is it true that some features once changed in either the individual instrument part, or the full score, will not automatically appear in the other?

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