Exported files not at expected size; contents are practically nothing.

• Jan 25, 2020 - 04:04

So I've been trying to export a certain score that I have heavily mixed with the Synthesizer (no custom soundfonts, so that's not the issue). Thing is, once it's done, the file size at the end ends up being... kilobytes worth? Happens to all audio formats except MP3 where it's just silence.

Is this a problem only I have?


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Exporting a large score can take minutes. And even after MsueScore is done writing the file to the OS, it may take some time for the OS to finish writing the file to the disk. I'm saying, be sure you're waiting for the file to completely finish being written before checking its size. And be sure to refresh the file browser window where you are viewing the file, as it may not update to show the filesize growing as the file is written.

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