Adding instruments

• Jan 27, 2020 - 14:10

Maybe I can not read the manual correctly but I can not find a way to add instruments to an existing score. I have a score ~150 bars of 4 instruments and I want to add another one or 2 (say the score is voice, piano, bass, guitar) and I want to add percussion, a saxophone and a trumpet. As in 3.3 the whole interface is drastically changed in relation to 2.2 the interface has become difficult and adding an instrument is not a menu item.
I assume any of the developers knows where it is hidden and helps me out as I have a deadline coming up very shortly.
Joep L. Blom


Actually, only a few menu items changed, but this is indeed one of them. It was Add / Instruments, but it was moved to Edit / Instruments, since it much more appropriate. After all, it's the same dialog you use to remove instruments, or re-order them.

As with any changes, things may seem more difficult at first if you are used to a different way, but in fact, measured objectively (eg, number of clicks required to accomplish a task, amount/type/speed of visual feedback given for changes, amount of manual intervention needed to get standard results, etc) you will find it's actually far less difficult than int he old days. But, you do have to unlearn some old habits indeed.

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