Allowed extensions

• Jan 28, 2020 - 18:25

I can't find out what the permitted extensions and their maximum size are today...
Particularly for video capture.


Without being an professional in such requests (so maybe I misunderstood it), could you explain the context of your question?
"video capture" = "screen capture"? In general I'm using a resolution of 72 dpi for tasks like that, but struggle also with it from time to time.

Or if you're talking about the maximal file size to upload a file on, I thought, there there's somewhere a document about it, but can't remember.

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Sorry, I'm trying to explain.
I can attach a picture in the forum and insert it;
Some time ago, when I wanted to correct a post or a page in the handbook a legenda was available for the allowed file formats (*.png, *.PDF etc.).
I can't find any trace of it.


How to incorporate a short video in a post?

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