How do I add rests in MuseScore? How do I change note value (for example from quarter note to half note)?

• Feb 2, 2020 - 17:40

How do I add rests in MuseScore? How do I change note value (for example from quarter note to half note)?


How do I dot an existing note? For example, I want to change a half note (2 beats) into a dotted half note (3 beats).
How to I insert a repeat sign?
How do I input chords?
How do I edit the line which states the composer and lyricist. I am both, and I also wish to insert a copyright sign.
How do I display tool bar with icons for rests and other items I may wish to use?
The YouTube tutorial does not look like my own Muse Score. How do I resolve this issue?

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I am trying to find the Tour in the StartUp Wizard – as advised by MuseScore Handbook in the link that you sent me.
Here is the link you sent me:
Where is the Start Up Wizard, with the Tour and other instructional information?

In January 2020, I paid for and received the MuseScore DVD “Write Music Scores with Your Computer”

I installed it in my Programs on my computer Microsoft Surface Pro.
the icon says “MuseScore 2” Date: 8/29/2018.

Is this the MuseScore program I should use?
Should I upgrade? If so, how?
Should I download a more recent MuseScore program from the Internet?
If so, please send the link to download.

I am finding MuseScore very difficult to use!
The instructions do not match the score on my computer.

Susan Horowitz

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I think I installed MuseScore 3.4.1. I downloaded it installed the download, then I moved it to my computer desktop and installed it there. Then I tried to find the Start Up Wizard, the Tour and the Handbook (as advised). But I cannot find anything to help me master MuseScore. I just open a sample score - go to a video that seems to say Musescore 2 (which I deleted - as advised). I look for a help button (which I cannot find), and try to figure it out in bits and pieces by trial and error. A handbook would help (as I was advised), but I cannot find it or open it.

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Singingheart. Hang in there. If you have never used notation software before, you can do it. It's not like any other type of program. And not very intuitive. I know you want to dive in and get going, but you'll need some groundwork first. And there are excellent people here to help you. Start simple. That symphony might have to wait a week or so:-)

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