Ossia and divisi

• Feb 6, 2020 - 14:29

Currently this is achieved by using a screenshot or a separate "instrument". Maybe a function like adding a second note line from bar n to bar m.


Are you aware of the staff properties "Hide when empty" and "Cutaway" as described here: https://musescore.org/en/handbook/3/staff-part-properties#common-staff-…?

Yes you have to add a new instrument but that is not too inconvenient to require a separate different function and having to specify the bars where additional staves appear seems a regression. With the existing capabilities you just put notes in the bars you want to see, select the relevant "hide" option or tick the relevant box and MuseScore hides the empty bars. It either hides them for completely empty systems (hide when empty) or for all empty bars (cutaway). For ossias, you may well want to also tick the Small staff box.

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There are some who say that is a valid standard notation. Others (including me) differ. There are issues already in the tracker #281639: Cutaway staves - better handling of clefs, barlines and brackets (suggestion), #295815: Make the barline of a hidden bar visible?, #295812: Hiding first barline of every system?. Let's hope it gets up the priority list sometime soon.

In the meantime you can add what looks like a plain horizontal line from the lines pallet, turn off its automatic placement, rotate it 90 degrees and then position it in the right place using the arrow keys (or if you have very steady hands you can use the mouse). In the attached snippet I have coloured the added line red. It is best to add it and position it as the last thing after you have got everything else where you want it as if the measure moves the line does not move with it as you might expect.


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The cutaway function worked for me, but the divisi staffs are not shown in the Part for the instrument (only shown in the score). The Part only has the top staff. What can I do to show both staffs on the Part?

Note: In case this is relevant, I had the parts created before I tried the divisi staffs.


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