Trouble with SFZ files

• Feb 8, 2020 - 23:57

I am having trouble getting SFZ files to work. I have read the sparse documentation about how to install them, as well as any forum topics I could find from people with similar issues. The SFZ files are in the Documents/MuseScore3/Soundfonts folder, along with any other files, including .wav files, that go along with it. I have selected and added the SFZs into the Zerberus menu and selected the respective sounds in the mixer. For some of the sounds there is a soft click, and for others it's just silent. I can't tell what I've done wrong. The wording on the documentation seems quite vague to me but I've tried every possible interpretation of it I can think of. I thought that maybe for whatever reason the files I've chosen just don't work with MuseScore, but then I realized.... I got them from Musescore on a thread of people suggesting soundfonts.

Attached are images of the folder I have placed the files in, the Synthesizer window, and the Mixer.

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I worked on this awhile ago and came to the conclusion (after reading and trying most everything I could find) that Zerberus could not play many sfz files. They work fine in Plogue sforzando. As I recall, there is some special modification that Zerberus requires. So I left it at that.

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Not sure how long ago that was, but things should be much better now than just a couple of years ago. Originally there was basically only just enough support the Salamander grand piano soundfont. But we made extensive improvements when we developed the MuseScore Drumline Extension, and have continued to improve it since. So while it might not support every feature of every soundfont out there, it really should work very well for most.

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