Summarization from breaks

• Feb 14, 2020 - 14:16

Dear Sirs
I wrote a song in the Clef C initially, then through the musescore I changed the song to Clef of G, as shown in the first pdf attached. Later, I go to Estilo and create a measure summarizing the different measures of breaks. See what happened the first staff is with the clef of C and the other staffs with the clef of G
I didn't understand why all the staffs s didn't have the Clef G after the summarization from breaks
I would like to know why this happened and how to proceed
Roberto Antonio Dal Medico


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What do you mean by "summarizing breaks"? The scores don't have any (system, page or section) break. I think you mean rests, a multimeasure rests?
I see only G-clef in either score, all the way, nothing like the PDFs in your initial post.

It seems you're using MuseScore 3.1, at least that's the version that scores were last saved with, I'm using 3.4.2, the latest, so you may have hit a bug that got fixed since quite a while. In any case you should upgrade

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Based on the context, I am interpreting "summarizing breaks" as "enabling multimeasure rests". So I'm kind of guessing the problem has to do with adding a clef change then toggling multimeasure rests and somehow something goes wrong. But I can't reproduce any problem using 3.4.2. We'd need to know precise steps to follow after loading one or both of these scores in order to understand if the problem you are seeing is something that has actually been fixed since 3.1. I'm inclined to guess it has, much has been fixed in the year since 3.1 came out.

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Again, we need precise step by step instructions to reproduce the problem. I have loaded the score. All looks fine so far. What do I need to do next in order to see the problem? I tried the following:

1) click first alto clef
2) click treble clef in palette to change the clef
3) click an empty area to deselect
4) press "M" to enable multimeasure rests

When I did this (using 3.4.2), it worked as expected:


(stems are down because they had been forced that way in the original)

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