I can't click the paly button

• Feb 15, 2020 - 17:14

I just random set key, but can't click the play button.

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Indeed, a few of the piano links appear to be broken. If you are new to MuseScore, I would suggest:

  1. MuseScore comes with a sound font that includes a few pianos. Use them until you know the software better.
  2. The default font should be working right away. if not check what's going on in the synthesizer. If you can't select it then left-click a blank place in the score a few times to clear any thing that might be active that stops certain things from working. Select the Fluid tab and you should see a font listed. Check the manual for more.
    If you've never used notation software before, keep at it. There are many things to try to learn all at once.

You might try Help/ Revert to factory settings.

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If the second jpg is your MuseScore sound font folder in Documents , that doesn't mean the fonts are isnstalled in the software, only that they are read to be installed.
I think that I would
A. Revert to factory settings. If that doesn't work, then
B. uninstall Musescore, reboot and reinstall MuseScore.

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Well, I hope someone will come along and tell us why the mixer and synth have no check box. Admittedly, an uninstall and reinstall does little. I deleted all my sound fonts, including the ones that come with MuseScore. Still I could not replicate the missing check boxes. Have you tried installing a general font from the list on the sound font page online other than the piano?

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