Fonts and Commercial use?

• Feb 18, 2020 - 12:31

I plan on printing a score for prospective commercial use and I'm trying to figure out if it contains Times New Roman font If I have to buy a license? I've been searching google and am getting mixed answers, was hoping maybe someone here may be able to help clarify. I'm assuming in either case that the Freeserif and Freesans fonts which the programs come with are fair use?


You have to pay to redistribute Times New Roman, but FreeSerif is free, and it was designed to look virtually identical to Times New Roman.

If you're just printing the score (and not redistributing any fonts in digital form), you can use any font that you have a legitimate license for. That includes Times New Roman if you're on Windows.

[Disclaimer: I'm not a lawyer.]

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Ok thanks a lot for your input. Kind of switching gears here a little, I'm using muse 2.3.2, and for some reason it seems when I make "text style" changes by right clicking, such as typeface etc. it's not actually applying to all, for instance to the instrument names, staff text etc. Any ideas on that one?

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That's a pretty old and rather limited version, so definitely worthwhile to update. But text style applies only to a given element type. So if you change the "title" text style to, say, Times New Roman, that will affect any other title elements you add, but not staff text. You'd have to do that separately.

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Hi Marc,
Yea unfortunately I'm stuck with 2.3.2 for now on account of my "legacy" machine and os.

Regarding my text style question, perhaps I didn't explain it clearly. Like for example when I edit text style for staff text in edit text styles window by right clicking on the staff text, the changes I make there aren't actually reflecting either in that particular instance or in other staff text occurances, although the dialogue window yet retains the newly inputed variables. It seems to be working correctly for instrument names now.

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Probably you've applied custom formatting, for example, using the text toolbar, to those other text elements. You'll need to remove that first. In MuseScore 3 the button to do that is in the Inspector, I forget if that's how it worked in 2.3.2 or not. If you continue to have trouble, please attach your score so we can understand and assist better.

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You are definitely correct, I'm revising after having originally done all staff text with toolbar. And also did find "reset text to style" button in inspector like you described for version 3.

One last question (for now anyways) If I understand correctly from searching around forum, there's no way to bold or increase size of of font for the cresc. lines without replacing with staff text in my version, correct? Right now having to go through approx. 56 minute oratorio worth of music replacing all the cresc. and decresc. with staff text lol

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To be clear: you want only the crescendo line text bigger, you don't want the music as a whole bigger? The latter is simple enough, use Layout / Page Settings / Space. To get text within lines bigger without changing anything else, it's easy enough in MuseScore 3 by setting the hairpin text style setting, but I forget if that's possible in 2.3.2.

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The former, i.e. just hairpin text style. I did manage to figure out how to adjust style by right clicking one and selecting line properties, then you click the three dots after the line text input box. However there doesn't appear to be an option to adjust the style under the hairpin setting of thr edit text style window dialogue, in order to apply it to them all. I found another caregory titled text line but that didn't seem to effect the hairpin text style. So guess you'd have to copy/paste replace them one at a time. In anycase, thank you for all your help.

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Thanks. That explains a lot. Windows won't recognize the full 4gb anyway. 2.9 gb in your case might have something to do with bootcamp.
Times new roman is one of the most common fonts on the planet. I would be extremely surprised if it wasn't on your computer already. It comes with most any OS. Should be a free download if you don't have it.

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