Broken musicxml file

• Feb 18, 2020 - 17:32

I downloaded the musicxml file for Capriccio Espagnol at and Sibelius, Finale and another program all report that the file is broken. Is it possible to get a good version?


The score

is not corrupt, but apparently its MusicXML on
Capalle Reader can't ipmport it at all, MuseScore does, after you dismiss an error:
Fataler Fehler: Zeile 446020 Spalte 10 Ungültig an dieser Stelle ' '.

Still if downloaded as mscz and export to mxl in MuseScore, then imported again:
Fataler Fehler: Zeile 28383 Spalte 27 Das Element tie ist in diesem Bereich nicht definiert.

Seems a less serious issue, capella reader accepts it without any complaint

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What version of Sibelius are you trying to open this in. I have 7.5. It is stubborn about opening mxl files from MuseScore. It won't even recognize Musicxml form MuseScore. Here's what happens to Jojo's mxl.

Sibelius indeed gives the warning you posted, I clicked OK or whatever the button says and after a few seconds a notification that Sibelius was loading the score came up. this lasted a few minutes followed by a warning that this seemed to be an very old version of musicxml. There would probably be mistakes and things Sibelius couldn't read. Did I want to continue. Yes. and Sibelius opened the score. It looks OK but I don't have the original to compare. I can't post a sib file here, but if you have a full version of Sibelius and not one of the lesser ones, you should be able to open the mxl. Just be patient.

The file downloaded from is indeed invalid MusicXML. It was generated by MuseScore 3.2.3 and schema validation produces a (correct) "Fatal error: line 446020 column 10 Unexpected ' " error'.

Converting the MuseScore file to MusicXML using the current MuseScore (3.5 dev) also produces invalid MusicXML but results in a different error: "Fatal error: line 28383 column 27 Element tie is not defined in this scope.".

This means there is at least one error to be fixed in MuseScore.

Created issue #301320: [MusicXML import/export] incorrect handling of small notes, grace notes and cue notes

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