Login with a Google account

• Feb 21, 2020 - 00:43

I know that you can create an account on Musescore with a Google account, and I did so. But now when I go to the app on Windows, it doesn't have to option of signing in with Google accounts. So if there is that problem, please fix it~!


This is a bit late... sorry. I'm replying to this to hopefully help all the other people who have the same problem.
Basically, you don't have to sign in unless you want to upload stuff to MuseScore.com. If you do, go to File/Save Online.

AND NOW, information!
Firstly, MuseScore.org vs MuseScore.com. MuseScore.ORG (this website) is the website related to MuseScore the software/app/program/thing you download. MuseScore.COM, which is not run by the same people, is a site where you can upload scores made with MuseScore. It's annoying confusing.
Secondly, the only reason you would need an account for MuseScore (the app) is if you wanted to upload things to MuseScore.COM.
THIRDLY, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, paying for MuseScore Pro will not unlock any special features in MuseScore (the app). MuseScore Pro is on MuseScore.com ONLY. It will do things like letting you download other users' scores.

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