Plugins in Musescore 3.4

• Feb 21, 2020 - 02:18

I have tried to install a plugin (chordsToNotes.qml) for the last hour. I am on a Mac, and I was hoping to be able to enable playback of chord symbols; I noticed that Peter Hieu Yu's implementation via QSoC didn't make it into 3.4.

I put it in the folder that is specified in the preferences dialog box. Restart Musescore. Open Plugin Manager. The only plugins that show up are the ones in the actual program contents.

I set up the suggested plugin directory: Documents/Musescore3/Plugins and pointed the Plugins folder to that directory in preferences. Restarted Musescore; it still doesn't show up in Plugin Manager.

Can plugins no longer be added to Musescore? Or am I missing something?


Go to Edit | Preferences. In the MuseScore Preferences dialog that comes up, switch to the General tab. Under Folders, look at the entry called Plugins. This will show you where MuseScore is looking for user-installed plugin files. You can either copy your plugin files to the specified folder or change that setting to point to wherever you already have your plugin files stored.

I don't know that plugin specifically, it's possible it was not written for MuseScore 3. Or it might be contained in a ZIP file you need to unpack first.

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Thanks, Jojo. I didn't read the fine print. ;-)
Spire, as I noted in my post, I had already been to that preferences setting.
It appears that it won't be updated, since that functionality is apparently on track to be added to MuseScore – hopefully in the next update...

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