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• Feb 21, 2020 - 08:48

Hello Muse Score,
I am having a hard time. I have made a score for a concert band piece, and i have saved it many times. It worked before. But now when i open my score, my score is completely gone. Is there any way you can help? The bug is that when I save, my score wont save and goes back to the initial planning sheet.
Thank you,

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Read again what I wrote.

Cloud doesn't come into this, unless the folder you saved it to is synced with some cloud service. But even then it should not get lost and there should be a backup

If you saved it (via File > Save) it is on your computer, you may need to search for it if you don't know where exactly you saved it to. If you overwrote it, there might be a backup, but you should have gotten a warning about the overwriting. If you ignored that though...

As mentioned, if you actually saved it, then it is there on your computer. If you later open a file and it doesn't look like the file you saved, then it must be that you opened the wrong file. Check the name of the file and the name of the folder very carefully both when saving a score and when opening it later, and you should be able to figure out what happened. Probably you saved two different versions of the score in different folders but with the same name, something like that.

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