Playback quality ques

• Feb 23, 2020 - 00:03

hey folks

question - I've uploaded about 10 compositions to - and maybe 3 of them have a very muddy piano sound, different from the others.

ive checked my synth and sf2 files - they are the same for all the compositions.

Any ideas on what might cause this? At first i suspected MF vs MP etc, but that wasnt it.



You mean the playback on Are you using a custom soundfont, and did you check the "upload score audio" button? Can you post a link to the score? Could be an issue with itself, so probably best to ask over there.

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I definitely think the issue is up at No to the custom soundfonts, but I usually upload via the web interface and not via the 'save online' button in the app itself.

If I can get the score uploaded, i will paste the original here - when you play it back in the app versus the website, the differences are dramatic.

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