How do I change key signature for one staff only in a system

• Mar 1, 2020 - 01:47

When I change the key signature for a staff, it changes the signature for all staffs in the system.

How do I change the key signature for only a single staff within the system?


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Wow! Is there anything that MuseScore can't do? Thank you for the link!

I started playing with custom key signatures that include quarter tones. What a rich palette of accidentals!

I am always impressed when I find a new feature of which I wasn't aware.

Kudos to the dedicated MuseScore teams.

The documentation is great. My only problem is that I find it difficult to guess the right search argument to find what I am looking for, and I have to post a question here in order to find it. It would be great if there were a word or phrase search instead of (or in addition to) a topic search.

I prefer the online manual because it is kept up to date, whereas a downloaded document becomes quickly obsolete.

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