E-flat Piccolo Soundfont?

• Mar 5, 2020 - 21:43

Where can I find a sound-font for an E-flat piccolo? I have come across some concert band pieces which, among other things, call for the E-flat piccolo, but MuseScore doesn't seem to have one.


There are a limited number of soundfonts and one font is often applied to differently-pitched instruments. Use the Db piccolo and modify it:

Make sure you select “All Instruments“
Add a Db Piccolo
Right-click on stave, Stave Properties and change Eb Piccolo to Db Piccolo for the name and Transposition 1 Octave + Minor Third Up

(You could use the standard Piccolo (in C) but by using the Db piccolo it saves you from having to look for the flat sign).

It is not a matter of a missing soundfont or sound (the sound for all Piccolo Flutes is the same), it is a matter of that instrument being missing from MuseScore's instrument list. Please file an issue to get it added. Please include information about amateur and professional pitch range for it.

Does the attache fit the bill?

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Do you wish piccolo in E-flat to be added to the concert band genre? In case you don't know about genres in MuseScore, they're lists of selected instruments seen in the Instruments dialogue. The default is "Common", but you can switch to any other genre.

FYI, from what I've seen, only relatively common instruments are added to certain genres. But you can check the genres for yourself and see if I'm wrong. From certain clues from my life, I guess piccolo in E-flat isn't common.

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Well, common instruments are added to the "common" genre. E-flat piccolo most probably isn't common, therefore no need to add it to the "common" genre, and my PR isn't doing that. Instead it adds it to the "concertband" genre, which isn't shown by default and a special genre already.
However, it id well possible that E-flat Piccolo isn't even common enough for concert bands, but for that we'd need the input of concert band experts. Here from the OP, primarily, @Mark West 3, being the requester.

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