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• Mar 5, 2020 - 23:27

So I put a page break at the end of a page of sheet music on Musescore 3, (I am new to Musescore 3 so I'm not sure how to work it) Isn't it supposed to just give me a new page? it's not doing anything... Please help!!

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A page break will force any following measures to a new page indeed. But you'll only see that effect if:
1. You're in Page View (not in Continuous or Single Page)
2. There actually are following measure to be put on a new page

Adding measures can be done in the Add menu (makes sense, doesn't it? ;-) ) Once notes are being entered, MuseScore will adjust the widths of the measures to accommodate for their contents. When it can't fit measures onto the same system any longer, it will automatically wrap to the next system. Likewise it'll move and automatically create a new page if it can't fit a system onto a page anymore.

I have just run into this same issue. See attached file.
I have yet to find a reason for this and am baffled.
I have been using MuseScore a couple of months now to transcribe work and it is an awesome tool.

Any suggestions appreciated.

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Perhaps you refer to this...
I see you have formatted your second page (in advance) with blank measures for music still to be entered. If you wish another page for more empty measures, you must first append measures to the score, then put a page break after measure 8 of "French Canadian Railroad". Those appended measures will move to a brand new page.

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