The Line Is Stucked Below The Bottom Gap

• Mar 8, 2020 - 12:00

I can not move the line below the bottom gap down. It's stucked there.

How to do that?

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Don't abuse staff text for something it is not, then other elements (such as your volta's) that go at the top of the staff don't get wrongly dislocated.

If you use text frames instead you can also remove the enormous bottom gap value of the title frame and the spacer between the two staves.

See attached where those text instructions have been moved in text frames instead.

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302120_Bottom Gap Problem.mscz 12.67 KB

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There is no option like "disable autoplace" at;

"Format - Style - Text Styles - Title"

"Format - Style - Text Styles - Subtitle"

Also I selected the problematic line and looked at the inspector. I could not find "disable autoplace" option there too.


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It works until something changes in the layout. This is not the correct solution. The correct solution was given originally by @jeetee - don't use staff text for this, because it isn't. Use a frame instead. Staff text should only be used for text you actually want associated with a particular note on a particular staff. Frames are more general blocks of text before the score or between lines. All those large texts should be frames. Bonus - you won't need spacers either.

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