Huge space between menu and toolbar

• Mar 16, 2020 - 17:48

While working and debugging a score, this happened:
huge space between menu and toolbar.png
OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 148e43f

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As mentioned elsewhere, this can happen if you accidentally trigger a docking operation but abort it, or something else goes wron. Should fix itself on change of workspace or restart. If you ever come up with precise steps to reproduce the issue, let us know.

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I don't use docking toolbars as I explained in the other post. I don't know if that thing can be reproduced, but I believe it happened when I closed the Mixer. I've worked with Mixer before in this version and it never happened.
UPDATE: I just played around with the toolbars. They move, but NOT like that. Something is wrong.

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Yes, again, I get that you didn’t intentionally trigger docking. But you most likely by accident - dragging the mouse a little too close to the dock zone when accessing the Mixer, for instance. It’s a bug to be sure, but again, should be simple to workaround, and in order to do anything more we’d need precise steps to reproduce.

You wrote:
I just played around with the toolbars.

Don't worry about the (e.g., note input) toolbars at the top, but rather...
Have you tried changing the workspace Advaced/Basic (found all the way to the right of the toolbars)?
- OR -
Have you tried moving the palettes, the Inspector, the Mixer, etc. around?
In other words, open some of them (F8, F9, F10) then click on each title bar and drag them around to undock:

To re-dock, double click on the same title bar.

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Thanks, yes I did open and move the Mixer. To do that I press F10 and I get the Mixer window. But lately, sometimes the window would open too tall, making the close button disappear from view. So when I needed to close and didn't see the close button, I would click anywhere on the bottom or side edges of the window and then the title bar would reappear (and the whole Mixer would move down a bit to compensate). I believe it was at that point that the space appeared. I'm going to try it and make an update as I go along. Hold on a sec....
I couldn't make it do it again. I'm pretty sure that's what it was....the mixer title bar disappeared out of range of the top of the screen. I must have dragged down the toolbars that it was in front of.
I'm going to keep an eye on it. If the Mixer opens too tall again I'll take a screenshot and post it.

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For a reason which I cannot track down, I also found that MuseScore had suddenly introduced the "Huge space between menu and toolbar".

You asked above:
"Have you tried changing the workspace Advaced/Basic (found all the way to the right of the toolbars)?"
I followed your advice and toggled the workspace from Advanced edited to Basic edited, and then toggled back to Advanced edited.
Problem solved, thank you!

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When it comes to issues regarding display of the software "controls" - as distinguished from display of a score within MuseScore - one often needs to force the computer to re-draw all elements on the screen so they can "settle in" to their proper placement.

(Not only for MuseScore, but for other software as well.)

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