Light Cavalry note/timing

• Mar 21, 2020 - 19:41

I'm transcribing Light Cavalry into Musescore 3 and in measure 10 for the trombones there is a half rest, a quarter rest, a dotted eighth rest, and then a quarter note! It's written in common time, and it looks as though there's only room for a sixteenth note. Of course the program won't let me enter that without slurring into the next measure. I thought at first it was only a typo but it happens too often. Any ideas? Thanks!



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I found what looks very like the edition you posted a small extract from. Here is a bigger extract. it is clear that in the woodwind parts, the note is definitely a semiquaver. The crotchet in the brass must be an error. Just because a score is published doesn't mean it is error free (Kalmus publications are notoriously flakey for example.)

Light Cavalry.jpg

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