A New Instrument

• Mar 22, 2020 - 01:14

Yes my suggestion is a new instrument.
A Laser Harp.
Yes this a instrument it has a 2 octave pitch range the price is expensive its able to play chords but maybe it could be more octaves but i don't know how you make instruments higher and lower than the actual pitch range and get the sounds of the instrument but this is just a feature suggestion for the future and i know there's already like a ton of instruments.


Which sound (from the 127 GM sound availabe), what range (amateur and professional), what clef, what transpositioning (if any) what long and sort name?
Where to get more information about that instrument

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"Orchestra Hit" isn't an instrument, it's a MIDI sound produced by some synthesizer instruments. So it's already available if you select a synthesizer instrument (or any instrument actually), then go to the Mixer and select that sound.

As far as I can tell, a laser harp is neither a sound nor an instrument, but a specific type of input device for a synthesizer instrument. That is, as far as the notation and sound goes, it's just a synthesizer with a funny-looking keyboard.

The laser harp is certainly a theatrical way to activate synthesized production of musical tones.

I much prefer the keyboard method ...though not this one:

Remember? It was another visual spectacle... :-)

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