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I like to transcribe music, so I think it would be awesome to have a feature to import an mp3 and select the point in the audio in which the track starts playing, this would make it so much better to hear if the notes are correct, instead of having to try and line it up in playback. Along with this, there could be a checkbox at the top to easily toggle on and off the audio without having to go into view or edit. This feature would be GREAT!!! I also have a question about why this program takes so long to load. I have a beast of a computer, with a 2tb SSD, and no HDD, everything should load just about instantly, even big games do, but musescore takes about 30 seconds to open... Will this be optimized in the future. Will, there ever be a musescore 4, if so, when is it likely to come out? Would it have better samples? Especially for percussion!?

This was an email i sent to their contact email and they told me to post it here, just if it sounds weird, it was meant to be read by someone at their support line...


I asked for a feature sort-of like this in the editor (associate an MP3 in the notation software to debug an eventual you-tube backed posting), and people I greatly respect (almost) convinced me I was being unreasonable....

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If I remember the discussion correctly, I'd say there was widespread agreement that general idea of mp3 playback in sync with a score makes a lot of sense. There was disagreement regarding some specifics of the behavior and what type fo design would be the most useful to the most people. I think that's still an open question.

  1. mp3 play along is not on the schedule afaik. You can rout musescore via jack to other software likely better equipped for such a task.

  2. Load times are very much dependant on the number of soundfonts you have configured, these are loaded/uncompressed during program start.
    There are some plans in making this work better in the background/multithreaded; but I don't think many of those have made it passed the thought stage. At least I know that one guy within the development team wants this to happen as well.

  3. Yes, there will be a MuseScore 4. Either when changes that break the file format compatibility are required. Or when some groundbreaking new feature is introduced (such as VST support).
    3b. "When it's ready"

  4. Soundfont changes happen independently of MuseScore releases. For percussion, specifically marching, check out the MDL extention, if you haven't already.

For future reference, "their support line" handles the mobile apps and the online score sharing platform, but not the notation software itself. That is supported through these forums of

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SF2 samples are not compressed, so loading them is indeed a lot faster.
The penality is higher with SFZ as more parsing is involved, and I believe the highest for SF3, as there all samples are compressed on disk and are uncompressed at launch.

MuseScore loads in a mattter of seconds for me, I agree it seems liek you probably already have some large soundfonts loaded. Normally I would guess you have installed MDL, which definitely slows things down a lot, but then you also specifically ask about better sounds for percussion, and really, it's hard to imagine something much better than MDL, which is one of the best there is. So, do you have MDL installed or not?

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