3rd Party VST support such as NotePerformer

• Mar 24, 2020 - 10:24

Hello Musescore-ians or whatever I call you lol, as an aspiring composer, I've always wanted to imagine what my music would sound like played by real performers.

Of course this will not happen anywhere near this current time, however with new technology, I can make it SOUND like real performers.

Of course, yes, I can buy a crazy expensive VST orchestral library and slap together something in FL Studio, but then I miss the chance of ever showing or creating sheet music to sync with it. This is where I ask you for support, Musescore.

You guys are considered one of the best notation programs out there currently. On top of that, you charge nothing for it, and make income from site access! This is great for people like me who are living in poverty and don't really have other good choices. I propose you team up with NotePerformer so we can get the best of our musical experience, as well as experience the luxury of Musescore. We don't want to spend 20 bucks and give 36 GB of space for an at most mediocre scoring program like Sibelius. If not, it may be the only choice we have.

Thanks for reading~!


FWIW, though, it's not true at all that you can't sync external software with MuseScore. MuseScore supports both native MIDI out and JACK for this purpose, and lots of people use it this way already.

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