My Score is taking a very long time to process, and when it fails I get a blank page.

• Mar 24, 2020 - 20:07

My score "The Wind" is taking a very long time to process. Sometimes the upload fails, and then the page is blank - not showing any ui, not even the upload menu so I can retry. (I can retry if I go to my scores and try from there)

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The_Wind_-_a_Song Illustration.mscz 1.04 MB


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I want to include a picture on the frontpage, I use a text frame to insert it in.

I am not sure why the illustration is not showing here in the forum page.

(I re-uploaded a version without illustration to the sheet music site, that seems to work now. But, alas, no illustration. The illustration is an image of about 800kb. That should not be a problem surely?

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