Cello notations

• Mar 25, 2020 - 00:25

I am attempting to use Musescore to notate cello music. I would appreciate help in addressing two issues:

  1. Certain fingerings require stretching fingers either up or down the keyboard. Using a MacBook Pro I have found a sequence for each, respectively "Option+I" and "Shift+option+T." While the resulting characters, ˆand ˇ, signify the desired motion, they are so small that they are difficult for most cellists to read. Are there slightly larger characters I could use?

  2. To add a symbol to the palette from my score, I have been advised to "ctrl+shift+drag it in". I have tried this on my MacBook Pro to no avail. Is this the correct approach? If not, what is?

Thank you.


You can increase font size for any text using the Inspector. You might also find the symbols you need already sized well in the Symbols ("Z") or Special Characters (F2, while editing text) palettes.

Any time someone who isn't using a Mac tells you anything with Ctrl, mentally change that to Cmd.

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