Problem with sending my mp3 files made by musescore

• Mar 25, 2020 - 13:08

everytime I try to send with any way (e-mail, what's-app, WeTransfer, etc..) the file start to be processed but when the charging of datas is complished it cannot be send and the site or app tells me that there is a problem with the formate of file. This is really bad and I hope you can fix this

Maybe is good for you to know that if I copy the file from pc to my smartphone, then by this last I can send the file succefully. Anyway this don't resolve the problem.

Thanks for answear


I can't reproduce, I just generated an MP§ from one of my scores using MuseScore's export and sent that via email from one of my accounts to another and it just worked.

What do you mean by:
'the file start to be processed'
Could you attach a screen capture of that and then of the error message that follows?

Once the mp3 is on your hard drive, there is nothing tying it to MuseScore anymore. It's just a regular mp3.

Have you tried any other mp3?

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