How to play detached notes?

• Aug 21, 2014 - 09:56

Is there a way to have MuseScore play notes detached instead of legato? I can add staccato markings, but that is too dry; I'm looking for something that would play a duration between staccato and the full duration of the note.

I would like to use this to indicate the last note of a phrase.



With 1.3?

So, go the Beam Properties Palette

- For a whole passage, select it -> double-click on the quarter note symbol.


- For a single note, ditto: select the last note -> double-click on the symbol

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Adjustments as to when to turn off a note can be found by right clicking on a note, then in 'Note Properties' you can set the 'offtime offset type' to 'user'. Lastly, enter a value in the offtime box.
I used -80 in my example attachment. Listen to the play back.
Also, you can Ctrl click to select multiple notes in the score, then change the offtimes for all if you want the same value for each.


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This thread references an older version, and things have moved around. The controls in question are in the piano roll editor that you open by right-clicking a measure and choosing that from the menu. But, an easier way to adjust the playback durations of note is to install the articulation plugins from @BSG. Click the Download menu above, then Plugins, to access it.

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