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• Mar 28, 2020 - 22:32
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Buonasera, volevo segnalare un possibile miglioramento da poter apportare. Quando si utilizza la "vista pagina", non è possibile visualizzare, durante il playback, solo una porzione di partitura come si può fare con la vista continua e lo scroll non funziona. Ad esempio, se si scrive un brano per orchestra, non è possibile visualizzare solo gli archi oppure i brass. Si vedono solo i pentagrammi degli strumenti iniziali. Grazie per tutto il lavoro che svolgete. Ho utilizzato Finale per anni ma, non appena ho scoperto Musescore, non ho esitato a convertirmi! :)


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Google translate:
Good evening, I wanted to report a possible improvement that I can make. When using "page view", it is not possible to display, during playback, only a portion of the score as you can do with continuous view and scrolling does not work. For example, if you write a piece for orchestra, you cannot display only strings or brass. You only see the staves of the initial instruments. Thanks for all the work you do. I have used Finale for years but as soon as I discovered Musescore, I didn't hesitate to convert! :)

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I tried responding to this earlier but somehow it doesn't show, I guess I never saved.

Anyhow, unfortunately, I cannot make sense out of the translation. Page View allows zooming in on just brass the same way continuous view does, and both also allow you to generate a "part" just for the instruments you wish to view. I guess maybe you mean, you want to somehow scrolling up and down and somehow not have the rest of the page visible, but jump to the next place where the selected staves are visible? That would completely defeat the purpose of having page view, it seems to me.

So perhaps the question is about somehow "locking" page view to remember which staves are being shown, and when scrolling down further on the page, somehow detecting those same staves (which might be in different positions relative to the system, or not present at all, because of "Hide empty staves") and trying to position the score view there? the idea has come up before but so far no luck in figuring a way to make something like that happen. We do our best, and it works in some cases (eg, only one system per page, no major changes to staff distances) but it's not really feasible in general.