Expand/improve Stave Text Properties

• Apr 1, 2020 - 00:04

I'd like to request extra options are added to the "Stave Text Properties" dialogue box.

Request #1 - Key-switch option
This would have the "stave text" output a user defined midi note at a user defined velocity. This midi note would bypass the internal synthesizer entirely and be directed to the midi output only. This would allow key-switching and patch changing of external hardware or software synthesizers.

Request #2 - Midi CC option
This would make the chosen text output a Midi CC value chosen by the user. Again, this is extremely useful for getting staff text to control any external instrument.

Request #3 - Change Channel
At the moment, the "change channel" option only allows the user to change to different articulations that are specified within General Midi. For instance, trumpet has a muted and not muted trumpet option. Strings have normale/arco, pizzicato & tremolo. In reality there are many more articulations available on these instruments beyond what is standard in General Midi. It would be far preferable if the user could select any port and channel combination that they require rather than being limited by the standard GM sound-set

Request #4 - Give dynamics text the same "Stave Text Properties" as any other text
Dynamics text (such as p, fp, sfz) etc should, from a UI consistency perspective, also have a "stave text properties" dialogue associated with it. In combination with the requests above this would also allow users to send dynamics information to synthesizers that do not respond to velocity. This is especially important as more and more orchestral library developers are moving away from using velocity sensitivity to control dynamics, and more typically rely on Midi CC to control dynamics.

The above feature requests all improve Musescore's inter-operability with numerous pieces of external hardware and software synthesizers.


Just adding that, all of these midi events that are triggered by Stave Text Properties should also appear in the midi export.

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