Fix Triplets and others

• Apr 2, 2020 - 02:53

Hello there is a bug with triplets and other ones when i add a note on bass clef while the treble is playing the triplets why does the triplets in right hand sound like its playing a grace note when i add notes on bass clef?


I could imagine if the RH has triplets and the LH has ordinary eighth notes, the effect might sounds as if the second triplet note in the RH was a grace note to the second LH note. I don't mean just in MuseScore, I mean, it could sound that way in real life too. But indeed, if you are suggesting there is an issue with the playback of some particular score you have created, where it doesn't play the way it should according to the rhythm you entered, we would need you to attach the score in order to understand and assist better.

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