Add more shortcuts for notes input. Please.

• Apr 2, 2020 - 06:01

Currently, there are only 7 shortcut note inputs (ABCDEFG). This really hinders my ability to put in different notes faster as I have to constantly alternate the shortcut functions. You might be asking I can double-click on the notes to add them fast. The problem with this , however, is that you can't add more than one note per single note.

E.g., you can only put snare on a single note rather than snare and hi-hat on a single note.

Please consider this seriously as it really is a function that probably a lot of people need.


Snare and hi-hat are not notes at all as far as I can tell, even if note name shortcuts are used to enter them. And there are not more notes that A-G, so e.g. K for note input doesn't make any sense, but would be possible.

No reason though for not having more shortcuts available for drum input, where indeed only A-G are currently allowed

I agree more drum shortcuts would be nice. But to be clear: you can definitely create drum "chords" of multiple drums together using the palette - just select the drum note on the palette then click on the score where you want an additional note to appear. No need to change the shortcut assignments. So you can use A-G for the basic notes - and realistically, drumset music seldom uses more than seven different notes - and then use the palette method to add the additional notes like if you need more cowbell or whatever :-).

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Hi everybody! As a drummer and a MuseScore transcriptionist/score creator working primarily with djent and other metal genres, I can assure you that plenty of drum music has more than seven parts. If you keep in mind that the hi-hat alone uses three shortcuts, that leaves four for the kick, snare, ride and crash. I regularly work with songs that have all of those plus a second ride, ride bell, splash, china, five toms, tambourines and hand-claps. That works out to sixteen different things to hit in any relatively complex piece of music. I am constantly editing shortcuts depending on what I need most for that part of the song, and it takes a significant amount of time to continually switch those shortcuts. It's hard to understand why this issue has been brushed aside for so long.

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