Problem with drums midi files import

• Apr 3, 2020 - 11:14

I have a problem when I try to import my drum midi files into Musescore.
When I import a drum midi file, the score shows all the instruments in two separate staves (treble clef and bass clef). When, in the mixer, I select the "drums" box, it shows the notes in two separate staves (bass clef).
So, I created my percussion map "mirroring" the position of the notes in the midi file, but when I copy and paste all the notes into a new file with the preset of the "drumset" score and with my percussion map, the notes don't look like as I expect: the sounds are right, but not the positions of the notes in the staff, the heads of the notes and the stems. Furthermore, the group is not correct, and for example, a snare note that I set to be displayed on the second space of the staff and in group B does not appear there..... sometimes in group A with stem up, and sometimes in group B with stem down.

Can someone help me? These are all the steps I have done (see files attached):
1- record a midi file in Ableton Live 10
2- export of the midi file
3- open the midi file with musescore / create a new score
4- copy all the notes
5- create a new score with drum presets
6- upload my custom percussion map
7- paste all the notes of the previous score

As you can see, I'm trying to create my own preset and workflow for record midi files in my daw and then import as correct as possible into Musescore.

I miss something? Is there any way to import my midi files directly into a preset drum score with my percussion map loaded? It is a step I'm missing?

Thank you in advance for all the help you want to give me. Have a nice day.


The problem seems to be that Msc. isn't recognizing a drumset upon import. That may be why you have pitched instrument clefs when you open it and it never looks right (but sounds right) It may be that you cannot expect a loaded drm file to correct this. Rather, you need to have the correct instruments xml definitions and file. I work exactly the opposite, writing in notation and sending midi out, dialing in all the hits with external samplers. Going from notation to midi is, I believe, much more developed.

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Hi ramblinj,
Thanks for your reply. I just tried to do the opposite: I wrote a drum score from a blank Drumset preset, then I exported the midi file and re-imported. It simply doesn't work :))) It seems all correct (midi channel 10, same drum map, ecc. ecc.) but in fact when I reimport the midi file exported from the score I wrote in Musescore something goes wrong.
Please check the files attached:
File 1 - Hand written drums
Drums 1 midi file (generated from the hand written drums)
File 2 - Midi file of the handwritten drums imported in Musescore

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