Two MDL-drumsets in one file?

• Apr 5, 2020 - 17:34

Hello from Germany,

I found a nice drum score online and wanted to put it into MuseScore. I did similar things for several years, so I hope, it is not a beginner´s issue.

The drum score (included) is quite difficult and for more readability the original score was split into two parts, one for left hand and right foot and all the others for the right hand only.

I thought I could easily put this into MuseScore and only have to put two MDL-drumsets in one file to play them simultaneously. I did so, but as you can see in the two screenshots, the appearance of the second MDL-drumset looks different from the first one. I stopped then to go any further this way and used another.

Is this a bug or a feature? I also include the MSCZ-file which I started from scratch and added only the second MDL-drumset to the first one.

Thank you for your help.

Version: OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 148e43f, MDL 1.3.1


What difference do you mean? The presence of the staff names? Those show by default for any score with multiple staves. You can delete if you like, or change them, in Staff Properties.

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Sorry, my question was not precise enough. I now include detailed views. Some of the note heads are different.
Could be changed manually, I know, but why were they changed by MuseScore?

By the way, I chose my name here after the name of one of our cats and that name "Dr Lee" was given to him from our son. Unfortunately Dr Lee is in cat heaven, now. I myself have not a PhD degree.

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Thank you for your quick reproducing the problem and therefore open an issue. The other comments gave advice without trying to reproduce the issue.

I will use your issue text as a blueprint for the future: clear, concise and without unnecessary details.

Well done.

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For the record, I did try - and failed - to reproduce the issue. I loaded your score and saw the definitions were different, I then created one myself and saw no such issue. Not knowing how you created the score, I incorrectly assumed you added two different instruments. What I didn't know was that you had used a template rather than the instrument list to obtain the first drumset. So that was indeed the missing piece of information. And yes, @jeetee's issue report is exemplary and a great model to follow :-)

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I apologize for wrongly assuming that you did not try to reproduce “my” problem. I thought the only way to create such a file would be to create a new file, then select MDL-drumset in the following dialogue from the templates offered, then add the same MDL-drumset (so I thought) as an additional new instrument. It seems that other ways or different results are also possible. Not easy to handle this. So to me it was really helpful that @jeetee could reproduce “my” problem.

The contributions of you and your colleagues are very valuable and important for the acceptance and success of MuseScore. So please keep on working. I hope my rushed reaction will not bother you for a long time.

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No problem at all!

Just so know, the way I would have created the score would be to pick the "Choose Instruments" option on the second screen of the wizard when it asks you to pick a template. It honestly hadn't occurred to me that there might be whole template just for a single drumset instrument - seems unnecessary and overkill. Normally templates are only needed to make it easier to select multiple instruments in an ensemble all together. We don't normally provides templates for individual instruments, except for piano and guitar which are really the only two instruments for which many people are actually writing solo/unaccompanied music. Anyhow, I suspect that is how the problem happened - probably whoever updated those instrument definitions at some point also (like me) failed to notice there was a drumset template that needed to be updated too.

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