How can I place grace notes after a clef change but before a bar line?

• Apr 6, 2020 - 11:40

How can I achieve this with MuseScore?


If I attach the grace notes to the half note in the second measure they can't be moved before the bar line. If I attach them after the whole note in the first measure they can't be moved after the treble clef.

I hope that someone will rise to the challenge to find some magical workaround.


The workaround is not so magical, but should be applied once your measures on the system has been locked down and all content influencing spacing otherwise has been set.

  1. Set the negative X-offset for the grace notes (chord section in inspector), thus allowing a bit more room between them and the main chord, so the barline will fit inbetween them.
  2. Set a negative front space for the segment of the main chord, thus pushing the grace notes before the barline
  3. Set a positive front space for the barline, thus pushing the clef change back in front of those grace notes.
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