problem loading the latest update

• Apr 7, 2020 - 23:08

Thanks for responding. I appreciate it! I've updated this program 6-8 times since I started using it, and each time it's worked as expected. No this time, though.

I'm following the prompts the program gives me.

I open the first screen then I click install. The program downloads, then computes space requirements, then setup wizard opens.

Then the destination folder screen opens, saying this is where it will be installed: c:\Program Files\Musescore3

Then I click to install, following the prompts. The "Please wait" screen opens, then Windows Defender asks if it's OK to install, and I click yes. Then a screen pops up that says I'm "using a resource not available." It prompts me to start over, or to specify a new path.

This screen has never happened when updating. I get no farther than this.
It's new-- never seen it in precious updates. When I choose the different options, I get "Musescore cannot remove older version." I'm stuck. Help!


Uninstall the older version. If it asks for the installation disk, point it to where you stored the (older) msi file. Then install the new version.

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Poor choice of words on my part. I meant the one currently loaded, which is one version before the newest release.
I've found a program that uninstalled musescore, but when I try to install 3.4.2 i get the same results-- "cannot uninstall older version." I still have musescore 2.3.2 on my computer-- when I updated a few versions back, it was not deleted, it simply loaded the newer version. I've never deleted 2.3.2. Is this now crating my problem? As of now, the last version before 3.4.2 has been uninstalled, but I have no version that will work with my current musescore files.

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1.x, 2.x and 3.x coexist peacefully, so that won't be the issue at hand here.
Now with the version before 3.4.2 (3.4.1?) uninstalled, you should be able to install 3.4.2.
What does found a program that uninstalled musescore mean?
What exactly do you get when you try to install 3.4.2? Screenshot please.

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Yes, I should be able to install 3.4.2, but I'm not able to do this. I follow the prompts as I have each time iIve updated, but it has not worked.
1. The update would not uninstall the previous version.
2. When I tried to manually uninstall the previous version of Musescore, I was not able to uninstall it using Windows, so I used another program to uninstall it.
3. When I attempt to download the new program, it downloads fine.
4. When I attempt to run the installer for 3.4.2, I encounter the same problems. In the attached file you can see the sequence of screens that pop up.

My current status-- I have followed the prompts to uninstall Musescore, the installer for 3.4.2 will not work, and the screens tell me to contact my technical support group.

I'm very grateful for your help-- I'm not a computer person, and these things are not in my area of expertise. Musescore is a great program for what I do.

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I'm not sure what this "program that uninstalled musescore" was, but unfortunately it may have done more harm than good. Normally you don't need to manually uninstall a previous version of MuseScore when installing an update - the MuseScore update process does what is necessary automatically. So a poorly-done uninstall by a third-party program could be causing the problem. As mentioned above, we'd really need more information about you actually did in order to figure out the best way to repair the situation.

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Thanks for the help. Please see my most recent response.

In all the previous times I've updated Musescore, it has worked flawlessly. This time it would not uninstall-- as you can see in the attached file it could not uninstall the older version. I tried to uninstall though Windows, and continued to get the message that it could not uninstall the older program. The third party uninstaller was the only option. My goal was to uninstall everything and just begin again with a fresh download and install. I did save all of my project files to a thumb drive just to be safe.

MuseScore is a fantastic resource, and I will continue to use it. It's exactly what I need for my purposes. I'm still not able to run the 3.4.2 installer, even though it is downloaded and saved to my hard drive. Help!

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So what appears to have happened is that somehow the MSI that was originally used to install 3.4.1 got removed. Did you do some sort of large-scale disc space cleanup, perhaps, and it got a little too aggressive in removing things that turned out to be needed? Anyhow, the file is gone, but it can be replaced, you need to find a new 3.4.1 MSI file, download it, and then when that first dialog comes up asking you where it can find the MSI file, tell it the place where you downloaded it.

Unfortunately, I don't know how to get hold of a 3.4.1 MSI file but maybe someone else does.

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Hello jojo,
I got a problem that seems to me similar to this. I had a version 3.2.2, or 3.2.3 i do not really know, but I wanted to update to 3.6. This does not work: I got the same problem report as my colleague. So my plan was: Deinstall the older version and start new with 3.6. The result: The version 3.6 had the same problem by installing and the old version was deleted. I read this forum article then I started install from 3.0. But everytime the computer said: There exist a newer version. I did this until i reached 3.2.3-x86_64.msi then the installation started and he asked for the installation data 3.2.3-x86_64.msi to uninstall the old version. But this does not work as by the version 3.6 as well. Musefault.png
So now i am helpless. What to do?

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Oh! You are very quick with your reply! Thank you again.
I've already done that. Something is wrong here.
Isn't it possible to completely uninstall Musescore and set it up from scratch? As I said: I actually completely uninstalled the program, but it still asks to uninstall the old version that is no longer available
(Suggestion for improvement to the developers: It would be cool if the question of uninstalling the old software could be bypassed during installation. So the new version could be installed. I'd rather uninstall the old version manually than not being able to work with musescore at all ... I think I'm not the only one who just empties his download folder.)

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Dareios2 and drwayne,
I would be interested in knowing if this would work for you:

Create a new user account. You can do that using the "other users" option. All you need is a username, password, and three security questions. Create a folder on the C: drive. Call it something original like "test".

Using that account download MuseScore. Run the msi. and point it at the "test" folder.

A second account is a fairly standard troubleshooting technique.

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