• Apr 17, 2020 - 02:34

How does one find out about a software (Musescore) update? Is it automatic or is there a place to find it?


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  1. I was running version on a Windows 10 64-bit PC , as far as I could determine there was no "Check for updates" in the Help dropdown menu.

  2. Have now installed version 3.4.2, but it was a pretty bumpy ride, kept getting messages like "... this software is already installed.", "... should install from Windows store for complete compatibility." etc, etc.
    (Sorry not verbatim).

  3. Notwithstanding, this program is impressive in its detail and capabilities as revealed in the Mastering course run by Marc, great fun and very instructive.

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If you had installed the previous version via the Windows Store, then you indeed wouldn't have a "check for updates" menu item as the updates are handled by the Windows Store itself.

I believe not all updates are pushed through to the Windows Store as the validation process for it is quite lengthy.

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