Text keeps reverting to former styles

• Apr 23, 2020 - 14:16

I am having lots of trouble with text frames. I make changes to the size or font, and as soon as I select another object, all the formatting changes I have made revert to their former state. I have tried making a new frame and starting fresh, I've tried copying from one project into another, I have tried making the changes and then clicking the "S" for "set as style" and still it reverts every time. Please help, I am sure I am missing something simple!


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If you use the Inspector to change the font and/or size, be sure you are not in text edit mode.(Look at the Status Bar in the lower right corner of the screen.) Press Esc if you're not sure.
So... simply put, enter all your text first. Any time later, if you wish to make a font/size change, single click on a text then make the change in the Inspector. The change should 'stick', as a single click does not put you in text edit mode.

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