Toggle Tremolo? Stem length adjustment for tremolo notes?

• May 4, 2020 - 11:43

is there a way to toggle tremolo on / off ? Suppose I created a note with a tremolo and then want to change a type of tremolo, I can do it by selecting a different one from the pallet and applying it to entire selection. But in order to remove it completely I have to select a tremolo manually. Is there a better way to do it?
2. When a 16th, or 32nd tremolo is created, the stem length doesn't seem to adjust to it and the note looks cramped, with tremolo being offset towards the beam? Should not there be a default behaviour, that would lengthen the stem automatically?


For your first point, you can select a range, then right click on a tremolo and "select all similar in range". This doesn't distinguish between 16th and 32nd tremolos unfortunately; both will be selected.

On no.2 Musescore seems to break some of "Gould's rules" on tremolo placement, including:

a) tremolo strokes should not intersect with beams and stems should be extended to ensure that, which is your point. I found a 6 year old issue that deals with that #29156: Tremolo collides with notehead or beam. Let's see if this bump gets things moving (for v3.5 perhaps?) Of course as a workaround you can move the beams manually

and also

b) tremolo strokes should be kept within the stave. Of course, Gould is not the only source of notation rules, but those ones seem sensible to me. I didn't find anything in the tracker that deals with that one. Perhaps I will add something after a suitable period for discussion. Again you can workaround it by extending the note stem and moving the tremolo strokes manually.

What we get now is quite horrid!

Tremolo placement.png

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Thank you SteveBlower.
I found that changing the tremolo placement position in inspector from "Default" to "Stem center" automatically lengthens the stem and thus there is no more collision. But on chords again it doesn't work , as tremolo collides with note heads. With chords and whole notes, the default placement is better.

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