Pasting repeat measure sign over a measure with drums

• May 6, 2020 - 17:39

If I have a measure with drums and I want to replace it a repeat measure sign, I copy it from some other measure and paste it over the drums. Then notes in Voice 1 are gone, but notes in Voice 2 are left together with the repeat measure sign.


Confirmed, not restricted to drums staves, but to any staff containing more then one voice.
Feel free to reports this in the issue tracker, but note that the normal way to apply a measure repeat is to select the measure and double click the repeat measure in the repeats palette, so there is an easy workaround.

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The repeat measure sign has a couple more problems. For example, highlight a measure with something in it and click a repeat measure sign in the pallet. Which is normal way according to the handbook. But nothing happens, nothing is replaced. Or highlight a measure with a repeat measure sign and try to paste there some copied measure. It refuses to do that.
When I get some time I'll try to log it in the issue tracker.

I'm not so sure this is a bug, I seem to recall someone having once specifically requested this feature (having both a repeat measure symbol and notes in another voice).

Anyhow, the expected use is that you add this symbol to an empty measure.

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The handbook says that
"To add a repeat symbol to the score use either of the following:
• Select a measure, then click the desired repeat symbol in the palette (double-click in versions prior to 3.4).
• Drag and drop a repeat symbol from the palette onto (not above!) the desired measure (so the measure changes color)."

It doesn't say the destination measure should be empty. This makes sense – why would I need making five additional clicks to empty set of measures, if the program can and should do it. Especially when the second method of dragging and dropping just does that perfectly (I hope you wouldn't screw it up for consistency sake).

Also, the handbook in the "Quick repeat" section says that
"To quickly copy and paste a note, measure, or passage:
1. Select a chord, measure, or passage as described above.
2. Press R.
MuseScore copies and pastes the selected notation to a point immediately after the last note in the selection. Any existing music in the destination range is replaced."

But if a repeat sign happens to fall on a measure with notes in additional voices then those notes stay on top of the repeat sign. So, using a "normal way" one can get abnormal results, which means its' a bug (or is it a requested feature?).
Anyway, I'm not going to log it, as it seems like a waste of time trying to help you to improve Musescore.

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Seems the Handbook is in error, then - although I note it does work that way for drag & drop. So it could well also just be a bug in the click semantics. I was simply trying to give you a bit more context about why notes in voices other than voice 1 are retained - I think this really is a deliberate feature that added by user request.

It's not a waste of your time trying to help us improve - we responded to the person who asked us to support notes in other voices on repeat measures, no reason to expect we wouldn't respond to your requests. Hopefully it's also not a waste of my time trying to explain more how to use MuseScore more effectively and telling you about features you might not have realized existed.

Anyhow, to answer your question about why you should need to empty the measure first - well, probably you shouldn't, and since the Handbook agrees, that's worth filing as a bug. But, it's also important to note this wouldn't come up very often normally - one would normally add the measure repeats before bothering to enter notes, that's part of the point, to simplify the process of entering (also to save space in the part of course).

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