MS 3.5 saves old modified files as "new file"

• May 9, 2020 - 08:04

Is this normal? Do I have to uninstall the previous version of the program, or can both old and new run on the same machine?

Many thanks, Stefano


No need to uninstall, 3.5 works in parallel. As a precaution, always make a backup copy of your scores (e.g. usb external support).

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Assuming the old file in question was last saved with MuseScore 2 or older, this isn't a recent change at all. It has been the case ever since MuseScore 3 came out that the file format changed, so that files saved with MuseScore 3 can't be opened in MuseScore 2. So as a result, we ask for confirmation before letting you clobber the MuseScore 2 version of your file. You are welcome to go ahead and do so if you're not worried about opening the file with MuseScore 2 again.

It's also the case if the file in question isn't a MuseScore file at all but is, for example, MusicXML, or MIDI, etc.

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