"Advanced Style Properties" feature not working

• May 9, 2020 - 20:31

Hello. In Muse score version 3, I heard that there was a feature that would allow the user to display the note names on the note heads. This feature can be found by right clicking on a staff, then going to Staff/Part Properties, then advanced style properties, then selecting "pitch names" from the drop down menu.

When I select this option, and press enter, or close the window, the staff is unaffected (the note names do not appear in the noteheads). What am I doing wrong? Am I missing something?

Also, if someone can tell me how to fix this problem, I have another question. Is there any way to apply this setting to the entire score, rather than one staff at a time? (in order to see the name of the notes overlayed on the note heads for the entire score). Thank you.


To be clear though: staff means that staff for the entire score. Normally this feature would be used in music for a single instrument only, so only one or two staves total. There might be many systems - lines of music to be read sequentially - but only one or two staves. If you are truly trying to use this feature on an entire orchestra score, with a staff for each instrument, then indeed currently you'd need to do that one staff at a time.

Anyhow, as mentioned, we'd need you to attach the score you are having trouble with in order to understand better.

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