Minimum melisma length

• May 11, 2020 - 20:14

Hey everyone,

I would like to be able to pick a minimum lengt a melisma should have before it is displayed.
See the attached image.
In measure 43 there is no melisma displayed after "ons". It is there in code.
In measure 51 there is a very short melisma displayed, it almost looks like a dot.

I would like to be able to specify what i think the minimum length should be before the melisma is displayed.
This option is there for the hyphen, although this also doesn't really work entirely to my liking (see
Here is another discussion related to melisma's. I think the ideal would be to have the same options for melisma's and for hyphens. (Min and max length and max distance)

I know these things concerning measure width and such are pretty fundamental and probably require much work , and i'm grateful for the amazing piece of software you guys have build.

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Actually, implementing this would probably not be hard, but it would mean adding more controls and options and older versions of MuseScore would not understand them correctly, so it's the sort of thing likely not to happen until MuseScore 4. I encourage you to file a formal Suggestion to the issue tracker.

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