White Noise! AGH!

• May 16, 2020 - 11:58

It's occasional for me to open up Musescore (in Linux, not sure about other os'), and sometimes I get some white noise... That noise sounds whenever another sound is played in Musescore AND out of musescore. This does not happen with any other software in Ubuntu. But after a while, if I let my computer without making any sounds for a while it will fix. But there are times when I have discord open and whenever I have it on Musescore won't fix sound (or whatever is fixing it). I don't know if it's Musescore's, or Ubuntu's (or my speakers' ) problem. What do you think?


Hello? (Sorry for asking for an answer but It's strange to not receive usually in this "community", ok sorry again) Well there are 2 other posts in feature requests that are empty..

Since you haven't gotten any other response, I'll just observe I've never seen this happen on any of my systems (a variety of different Windows and Linux systems over the years). Sounds like something specific to your particular system.

A similar thing happened to me a couple of years ago when I first upgraded to ubuntu 18.04. Faint note + loud hisses which stopped after a few minutes. I changed drivers including nVidia graphics and the problem went away. I upgraded to 20.04 recently and no problems at all this time.

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