Adding Notes to to multiple notes and chords

• May 22, 2020 - 13:31
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So this seems like a no brainer.
1. The command "Shift + Note (letter on keyboard)" adds the note only to a single note or chord, even if multiple chords were selected. It really should be possible to add notes to the list selection and range selection of chords.
2. Functionally similar command of "alt + number" adds the interval corresponding to that number already does that for list and range selections, so this seems pretty logical, that adding note should also be possible like that.


No reason it couldn't be defined to act only on the notes within the range, just like Alt+number to add an interval does.

On the other hand, I'd suggest it's probably nowhere near as practically useful as the ability to add a fixed interval 0 adding the same note to a bunch of chords is a much less common thing to do. And then there is the question of what octave to use - the same octave for each note, or treat each individually and adding the note above each?

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"I'd suggest it's probably nowhere near as practically useful as the ability to add a fixed interval "
Ok, the thing is thing is if this command is applied to the bunch of chords, it adds the whole chord above or below the current one.This is probably one of the rarest things I would want to have... ever. I don't really see why it behaves like that to begin with. So adding a particular note to a bunch of chords can be a workaround sometimes, but not always. To me If there would be a function to add fixed intervals to bunch of chords (without creating a giant vertical chord that no instrument can ever play), that would be enough, and adding fixed notes would be just a nice addition, that MIGHT be useful sometimes.
So should that be an extra feature to file, or should the current behaviour of "alt + number" command be changed?

Indeed, I think it would be better if the add interval command only added one per chord. Still, the command ends up being useful as is in many real world situations, when applied to a single line melody - quickly doubling it in octaves, or adding harmony a third or sixth above. I’m less sure about the real world utility of adding a fixed note as opposed to interval, but I also see no reason not to allow it anyhow.